1. Blanket Control Issues - My control for my electric blanket or heated mattress pad stopped working can I buy a new one from your store?" NO - Only the manufacturer can sell you replacement parts. See manufacturer contact information below.
  2. Who is Assisted Living Store, Inc. They are the company that owns ElectricBlanket.NET.
  3. Are you the manufacturer of any electric bedding? NO
  4. Are you Biddeford Blankets or Perfect Fit? NO.
  5. I bought a blanket or mattress pad from another store/website. Can you help me with manufacturer warranty issues? NO
  6. My Sunbeam Blanket stopped working....can you help me? NO -


Biddeford Blankets: (800) 789-6441
ElectroWarmth®: (800) 990-4622
Shavel Home Products (866) 542-2448