Vehicle 12 Volt Electric Blankets 
Keep warm in your RV or truck with our heated bed warmer. Plug it into the 12 volt lighter plug and keep warm all night, no need to idle the engine. Great savings in gas. 

Our company (Assisted Living Store, Inc. the company that owns this website) was mentioned as a "good source" for heated bedding in a New York Times article

RV Truck Electric Bedding

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ElectroWarmth® RV or Truck Heated Bed Warmer
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˜ElectroWarmth®˜ bed warmers since 1939. Save Fuel and Engine Wear - A typical diesel uses a gallon of fuel an hour when idling. With an ElectroWarmth® Bunk Warmer in place, there is no need to idle engine all night to keep warm. Also saves engine wear caused by prolonged idling. Pays for itself in fuel savings alone in less than a week. Most drivers consider the Bunk Warmer one of the best investments they have ever made. It is well worth the cost for the sleeping comfort, but it keeps saving...