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Staying Snug This Winter

Winter sports are a lot of fun, but trying to stay warm when you’re out in the snow can be a challenging experience. If you’re sick of the feel of synthetics against your skin, but can’t live without the waterproof properties they provide, then why not try silk glove liners and silk underwear?

When you’re out on the slopes the last thing you want to worry about is being too cold, or feeling clammy because the synthetic under garments you chose for the day aren’t breathable enough to cope with the fact that you’re sweating from exertion in your ski-suit. Yes, you can sweat when it’s cold – even gentle ski slopes can be hard work if you’re a novice!

Silk is lightweight, breathable, and thin enough that it works well as a layer under heavier, waterproof materials. Silk glove liners are great for protecting your hands and keeping them dry, and the feeling of comfort offered by silk underwear is hard to deny.

If you have sensitive skin, or suffer from eczema or other similar conditions, then you may find that having natural fabrics act as a buffer helps to reduce the symptoms of your condition. This can make your skiing trip a much more enjoyable experience.

One of the often overlooked properties of silk glove liners is insulation. Silk may not be thick or heavy, but it is great at keeping heat in. The same can be said for snug silk underwear, too. When you put on silk glove liners, you’re adding an extra layer between you and the elements. It may be a thin and breathable layer, but it’s a layer nonetheless.This means that more air (and more heat) is trapped between you and the thicker outer gloves. When you’re outside in the snow for a prolonged period of time, this makes all the difference.

It’s for this reason that silk is so popular with skiers. You can find silk woven into almost every kind of sporting garment – not just silk underwear, but vests, gloves, and even socks. The blend of strength, breathability, and comfort is hard to beat.

There are a few downsides to silk – it is more expensive than many synthetics, and it does require special attention on laundry day, but, if it’s cared for correctly it will last for many years, so it is a great investment. Especially if you’re serious about your chosen sport. In addition, specialist garments such as silk glove liners aren’t exactly going to be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Most of the time, your glove liners will be covered by your primary pair of gloves so they’re unlikely to become soiled or damaged in day to day use.

Naturally, silk underwear will require more careful cleaning attention, but the trade off there is extra comfort. Given the choice between being cold or clammy, or enjoying the feeling of silk against your skin while you’re out in the biting cold, I’m willing to bet that most people will choose the silk!

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Patra Selections.