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College Living: 3 Reasons Why I Love My Electric Blanket

Throughout college, adults would always tell me, “These are the best years of your life! Don’t forget that!” and I always wondered, “Don’t they remember all of the homework, the tests, and the stress of being a student?” College is tough, for sure. As a recent graduate, there were many times during my college career where I thought about how nice it would be to have a Sunday afternoon without homework. How relaxing it would be to come home and relax instead of doing homework until 1am. But now that I am at that point in my life where I am working with a job in the “real world,” I realize what the adults told me was kind of true. While I believe that every year has the potential to be the best year of your life with the right mindset and motivation, in terms of sleep, I do not think I will ever have better slumbers than the sleep I had in school.
In college, I was a member of a sorority and I chose to live in the sorority house for 3 of my 4 years. Part of the deal when you choose to live in a Greek house is that not everyone gets a bed in their bedroom. Some people sleep in what’s called a “cold dorm” where a large room is filled with bunk beds and the windows are left open to let cold air in. A few of my friends hated the cold dorm while others swore by it. I was one of the ones who absolutely loved sleeping in the cold dorm, mostly because I had an electric blanket. It made a huge difference in how I slept and I would recommend it to everyone.

3 Reasons Why I love my Electric Blanket:

3. You fall asleep faster when it is cold.When it is cold outside, usually it is a bit chillier inside than normal. If you want to keep the heat turned down in your bedroom, but you hate how long it takes to get warm enough to sleep, use an electric blanket. When I used my electric blanket in the cold dorm, it made it so much easier to fall asleep quickly because I was warm and toasty under my blankets. Whenever I forgot to turn on the electric blanket, I spent a lot of time trying to warm up before I could fall asleep.
2. You sleep like a rock. Seriously. It feels like hibernating. Now that I am no longer sleeping in the cold dorm, I have to say that I am not getting as good of sleep as I did when I slept in the cold with the electric blanket. I toss and turn more when I sleep in a warmer room and it is harder for me to wake up.
1. It makes me happy when I am going to sleep. Nothing feels cozier than sliding into a warm bed under piles of blankets after a long night of studying. It’s the perfect place to sleep.
Author Bio: Stacie Grissom is a recent college graduate and in her free time, Stacie loves to run, sew, and play with her three-legged dog, Bridget.