Patented Products, Inc., has been manufacturing the ElectroWarmth heated bed warmers and electric mattrress pads since 1939.  In our opinion their products are the warmest heated mattress pads that we have ever tried

The only heated bedding that we know of that is Made in the USA


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ElectroWarmth® Heated Mattress Bed Warmer
Price: $114.50
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Item #: EW-1 -

    Item # MATTRESS/BED STYLE M30FL Single (Long) 30" x 80" M30FLX Single (XL) 30" x 84" M38F Twin 38" x 74" M38FL Twin (Long) 38" x 80" M38FXL Twin (X-Long) - 38" x 84" M54F Double (Full) - One Control 54" x 74" M54FL Double (Full) - One Control - Long 54" x 80" M54FXL Double (Full) - One Control - X-Long - 54" x 84" M54FD Double (Full) - Dual Controls 54" x 74" M54FLD Double (Full) - Dual Controls - Long 54" x 80" M60FL Queen - One Control 60" x 80" M60FLD Queen - Dual Controls 60" x 80" M60FXLD...

    Massage Table Warming Pad
    Price: $95.00
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    Item #: EW-MT24 -

      Keep you massage clients warm and comforatble.   "Digital Comfort Controls"  The Digital Comfort Controls regulate the heat you select. Quick warm-up on all 10 settings Quiet operation (no clicking noise) Ten heat setting for exact heat control Control window lights up when buttons are pressed Specifications: The warmer should be covered with a fitted fleece pad.  This will hold the warmer securely in place and will make the warmth flow smoothly as the comfort control turns the...

      ElectroWarmth® RV or Truck Heated Bed Warmer
      Price: $92.99
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      Item #: T36 -

        ˜ElectroWarmth®˜ bed warmers since 1939. Save Fuel and Engine Wear - A typical diesel uses a gallon of fuel an hour when idling. With an ElectroWarmth® Bunk Warmer in place, there is no need to idle engine all night to keep warm. Also saves engine wear caused by prolonged idling. Pays for itself in fuel savings alone in less than a week. Most drivers consider the Bunk Warmer one of the best investments they have ever made. It is well worth the cost for the sleeping comfort, but it keeps saving...